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Adi Djohari is the co-founder and CTO of BirdSend, an email marketing automation tool that helps Online Course Creators increase their email earnings + know which emails are actually making sales.

7 Reasons Your Emails Go To Spam (and how to hit the INBOX)

By Adi Djohari | Email Marketing

It’s so frustrating after spending hours writing the perfect email only to find out that little to no one actually reads it.

The open rate is abysmal, and the click rate is way below your expectation.

Even the best subject line is useless when your email ends up in the contact’s or subscriber’s spam folder.

Having a big list is pretty much useless if your contacts/subscribers can’t even see the email you sent!

At this point, you might be blaming: “This Email Service Provider (ESP) sucks! Let’s move to another ESP.”

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