Complain & Die, OR Adapt

By Welly Mulia | Business

I was on the treadmill this morning thinking: “Okay, what email should I write about this week?”

…when the radio talk show I was listening to covered the topic of International Labor Day, which took place recently.

I see scenes like these every year in my country.

Why do workers rally in the first place?

Stupid question, aye Welly?

Of course they demand more workers benefits, higher salaries, compensations, etc!

Since you’re on my email list, chances are you’re a business owner since I attract this type of audience.

Nevertheless, I feel there are lessons that can be learned from these demonstrations, that we can apply to our business (and personal life).

Let’s go back for a moment and imagine you are one of the demonstrators demanding higher wages and benefits, but you don’t offer any increased value to the company you work for.

With AI (artificial intelligence) tech like Google Duplex, thousands of worker’s jobs could be eliminated in the near future. So your role in the company may not be indispensable after all.

(…watch out for the [1:24] mark which is hilarious)

It makes sense for the company — cheaper costs, tech/robot don’t complain… let alone rally, less mistakes, and more predictable.

So what we can learn from this?

Everyone, be it business owners or employees, wants to earn more. That’s a given.

But everyone also wants to take take take all the time without giving. If I can be lazy and still have lots of mahhhneeyy, why should I work?

So the critical questions are:

A/ When you demand a higher salary, are you providing more value to your company?

B/ When you want more sales and higher profits, are you providing more value to your customers?

To be able to provide more value, you need to constantly upgrade your skills and mindset. Things change so fast that if you fail to adapt and upgrade, you’ll eventually be annihilated by the competition.

Here are some tips:

A/ If you’re an employee looking to to find work, go after a company that you admire and want to work for. Offer to work for them for free.

What!!?? Yes you heard me right.

Get in the door first. Once you’re in, do everything you can to prove your worth, so that you’ll eventually become a valuable asset in the organization. A nice, attractive compensation package eventually awaits you, provided you’ve proved your worth.

Because NO ONE is doing this, you’ll stand out.

B/ If you’re a business owner, approach someone that you look up to in the industry and offer a helping hand for free and with no strings attached.

Say you’re good at design. Offer to create a new flyer for them.

Or maybe you’re good at writing. Write the next email or blog post for them without putting your bio link at the footer. Let them take the credits.

Needless to say, your work needs to be good. It needs to be something that would provide value to their readers, something that they’d feel comfortable sharing with their audience.

Years ago, we did a complete sale page redesign for a respected thought leader in our industry for free and without any strings attached. Our primary goal back then was to get the leader to notice us and start a relationship.

He ended up using our design, and our relationship took off from there. We not only become friends, he became my mentor as well.

As a business owner (and as an employee), your fellow competitors are always upgrading their skills and knowledge to adapt to the changing conditions. If you don’t do the same, they’ll eat you for breakfast one day.

Always be upgrading and improving!


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    Welly, some of your automation sucks mate, I went to click my “Download Video” link on Torch and your page decided to destroy the previous page’s place in my browser and put something else up (apart from the audio from the video which still played on), I did NOT look at this page as I was intent on doing something else, but looked for a BACK button, there was none. I closed the page and went BACK to the email and reopened it…. tut tut tut mate, how about a short timer when someone goes OFF the page before doing what you did? What if the same happens when I go to my other screen to do a small task while watching the video? I’d be pissed… Something to think about!

    YEAH I Complained, so do I have to die?????

    • Welly Mulia says:

      Note sure what “download video” link you’re referring to.

      I didn’t set any kind of “auto close automation”. The experience you’re having is a problem with your browser. Nothing to do with my blog/site.

      • David Diamond says:

        Could be a torch glitch but I suspect Zaxaa did it mate, that was the page I ended up on, recognised it when I clicked around. Seeing you are/will not be a virgin visitor to your site it’s unlikely to happen to you. FYI “Torch” is a modified version of “Chrome” source code see: if you want faster downloads and to “grab” stuff… 😉

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