Email Marketing

Lesson 12 – What About Clients? Do They Need An Email Sequence?

Lesson 12

The past chapter covered what you should write to your new subscribers -- who basically don’t know who you are yet.

After you’ve built a great relationship with them and they’ve bought your product/service, the emails don’t stop.

This means you should also set up a client/customer email sequence that cover these topics:

  • Immediately thank them for their purchase and let them know how much you appreciate their business
  • Let them know how to contact you or your team should they have questions or need help
  • Motivate them to consume your offer and implement what they’ve learned (if it’s a course or training)
  • Tell them exactly the steps needed to claim the service they’ve bought (if it’s a service)
  • In short, create a vibe that shows them you care about their success and that they’re not merely a “sales transaction”

After this initial client email sequence, drop them into another email sequence that:

  • Cross sell them to a different but relevant product/service

    E.g. Your target audience is young moms who want to lose weight. After they’ve bought your “Beginners guide for young moms to lose weight” course, you could cross sell them your “Healthy diet recipes for moms” book or even offer to have healthy meals prepared and delivered to their doorstep.
  • Up sell them to a higher package plan

    Still using the same example as above, you could up sell them to a “private coaching program where you meet with them each week to provide personal 1-on-1 support”.

After the email sequence... as previously stated, you’d want to continue to build the great relationship that you now have with them (don’t take it for granted) -- to extend it even further as time goes by. You do that by sending edutainment broadcast emails consistently to them, like you do to your free subscribers.

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