Email Marketing

Lesson 7 – Backtrack: Getting People To Open Your FIRST Email

Lesson 7

The 1st email is THE MOST IMPORTANT email.

If the 1st email is not opened, chances are your other future emails are not going to get opened.

Because of this, you want to do everything in your power to get subscribers to open it.

Here’s how you do it...

Once people give you their email address and they click the “Get Free Guide” button, the next step is to redirect them to your “check email” page.

Many a time I see email marketers simply say something like this on this page:

“Please check your email.”

Maybe they’re just lazy or maybe they’re ignorant to provide more details as to what the new subscriber should do.

When your subscriber sees this, this is what might be going through in his mind: “Oow I forgot your name. So which email should I be looking for? Who will it be from? Why should I check open your email? What does it contain?“

This means you must be as clear as possible. Leave no ambiguity.

Tell them:

  • That you’ve just sent the lead magnet download link via email and they need to check it now

  • If it’s a confirmation email that contains a link that they need to click, tell them

  • The subject line of the email

  • The “from name”

  • The “from email”

  • If, after 10 minutes, the email still hasn’t arrived, ask them to check their spam folder as well

This is what my “check email” page looks like: