Email Marketing

The Definitive Guide To "Street Smart" Email Marketing

14 Lessons     

About this course

This course is especially created for Online Content Creators who are serious in growing their sales and revenue via emails.
The problems for most people when they “try” or engage in email marketing are:
1/ Their overarching strategy is wrong — even writing the best email copy in the world can NOT save you if get this wrong — this is akin to an old grandma driving a Ferrari... she’ll drive slower than your MPV
2/ They’re attracting the wrong audience

3/ They’re not doing a good job asking people for their emails
4/ They’re writing the wrong emails
5/ Even when they’re writing the right emails… these emails are boring
Result = people don’t open (let alone read and click) your emails = no sales
BUT you CAN do something about it to turn things around, if you know HOW.
In this course, I’ll show you the WHY, WHAT and HOW.
Ready? Let’s dive straight in!
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